Where to Find Filters on Your HVAC Unit

Are you having trouble locating the filter on your HVAC unit? Don't worry, you're not alone. Depending on the type of unit you have, the filter can be located in a variety of places. Here's a guide to help you find the filter on your HVAC unit. Vertical HVAC units: These systems are generally found in smaller basements or low-lying spaces where space is limited. The filter normally slides in a slot above or below the HVAC unit.

Usually, the air cleaner is close to your home thermostat, in a return duct. Or, it's most likely right next to the air handler for your air conditioning system. Sometimes, especially with older systems, the filter is located inside the oven itself, next to the blower motor. And some systems have a central filter grid installed in a wall or ceiling.

The grille opens and exposes the air filter. Perhaps yours is a vertical HVAC unit with air that moves upwards. The oven filter will be on the bottom door and this is where the blower is. To get to the filter, open the upper and lower doors. Finally, if the unit is a vertical HVAC unit and the air is moving downward, the air cleaner will be on the upper door. The blower is also located here and this type of oven or air conditioning unit may also require two filters.

The oven filter is located in the large metal (sometimes plastic) compartment of the oven next to the blower, near the bottom of the door or on the side of the door. If the building's duct system is so dirty that people are installing these filters, it may be preferable to have the duct system professionally cleaned. Change the air filters in the air conditioning or heating system every month when the air conditioning system is operating. You should make sure you have a clean filter so that it traps dirt and helps air flow properly around the house. Now that you've finally found your oven filter, you can learn how to change the air filter and start changing it as often as you should. And, eventually, a clogged filter can lead to unit repairs, a higher electricity bill, and a lower lifespan of your unit. Examples are a clogged condensate drain pipe, a damaged or rusted drain pan, a broken condensate pump, an unclean air filter, or low coolant levels. For many of these systems, a filter or set of air filters is located inside the cabinet that contains the fan itself.

Follow the air path, find the return air, which will tell us where a filter can be placed; there are more illustrations on the previous page. Call a professional if you need help finding your oven filter, if you need help replacing it, if you need help with maintenance, or if you need a repair or diagnosis. If you have a horizontal HVAC unit, then your oven filter will be located on its inlet side and slide on a rack. CASCADE AIR FILTER DESIGNS for which the wall filter shown here was the first easily accessible stage of dust filtration. In this photo of a slot intended to receive an air conditioning filter in the blower unit, it had simply been left out and its slot had been left open, removing dirt, debris, moisture and mold from nearby basement areas. Many air conditioning systems or hot air heating air handlers, both horizontal and vertical units, have one or more air filters that are installed within their blower assembly itself.

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