Which Way Should the Metal Side of an Air Filter Face?

Air filters are designed with arrows printed on the sides to indicate the direction in which air should flow through the system. Generally, this is away from the supply ducts and towards the blower. When installing a new air filter in an AC return duct, the arrows should point inward to show the direction of air flow. Changing air filters in your home may seem like a simple task, but it is one that is often forgotten.

To ensure that your filter is facing in the right direction, make sure that the arrows point inward towards the duct, as this is where air is being extracted from. If the filter is facing backwards, parts of it can come off and damage the fan blades. When installing a filter without arrows, check it again as almost all filters have them. The metal side of an air filter should be placed behind the filter media to maintain its rigidity as air passes through it.

Most filters are designed so that they won't fit properly if inserted incorrectly. If you insert an air filter incorrectly, you won't be able to filter your home's air efficiently, which can lead to a variety of maintenance issues. For optimal indoor air quality and efficiency near the Coachella Valley, make sure your air filters are installed correctly. This will help you save money on energy costs, improve your indoor air quality, and extend the life of your oven or air conditioner.

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