Which Side of the Air Filter Should Point Up?

Air filters are designed with arrows printed on the sides to indicate the direction of air flow. These arrows should always point away from the supply ducts and towards the blower, no matter what type of air filter you are using. When installing a new air cleaner in the AC return duct, the arrows should be facing inward to show that air is being extracted. As an owner of a central heating and cooling system, it is important to change your air filter regularly.

If the filter is installed incorrectly, it can't filter the air efficiently, leading to a variety of maintenance issues. If the oven filter is installed upside down, it won't properly filter the air and can eventually damage the unit. The intake air moves downward, so the filter should be located at the top in the upper blower compartment. If your air cleaner does not have an airflow arrow, make sure that the wire mesh faces the blower of your HVAC system.

It is important to turn off the boiler power before changing or cleaning filters, as they can accumulate a lot of dust. If you remember that the arrow should always point towards the oven heating compartment, you don't have to worry about which way to install it. An electronic air cleaner monitor can also tell you when it's time to change or wash filters. If you install the filter in the wrong direction, air will struggle to flow through it and your air handler will have to work overtime to compensate for this loss of airflow.

A clue that tells you when it's time to replace filters is when you can no longer see through them. You may need to change or wash filters more often if you have furry pets, use your system frequently, or open windows often. There are three basic types of ovens, and the filter is located in different places depending on which one you have.

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